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Chan Heng Fai
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Mr. Chan is a global business expert with over 40 years of experience in banking and finance. He has restructured 35 companies in various industries.

Some of the remarkable companies that he has built, rescued or transformed include American Pacific Bank (USA), China Gas Holdings Limited and Heng Fai Enterprises Limited both (listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong), Global Med Technologies, Inc.(U.S medical software company exited for US$60 million), Singhaiyi Group Ltd (listed on the Singapore Exchange). Mr. Chan is currently the Managing Chairman of HKSE-listed Heng Fai Enterprises Limited and is responsible for its overall business development.

Seeing the outstanding products, rich legacy and unlimited potential of RBC Life, Mr. Chan acquired the company in the fall of 2019. He is deeply committed to ensuring that the legacy of Mr. Howard and the quality of our nutritional products remain intact as he guides us into the future as the signature wellness brand of HWH World

From 5 out of 35 previously restructured companies

Approx. Current Market Cap over

USD 19.9 Billion

and growing

2020/2021 Financial Update
of 5 companies

USD 18.1 Billion

Bringing in Profits of over

USD 1 Billion

per annum

2020/2021 Profits

USD 1.4 Billion

More than 58 years of experience

An accomplished global business veteran of more than 58 years Mr. Chan Heng Fai specializes in financial restructuring and corporate transformation to unlock value and unleash entrepreneurial zeal while managing risk. He has successfully restructured more than 35 corporations in different industries and countries. 

Years of experience

>45 years Excellent Track Record

Average Compound Annual Growth Rate of





for each 


companies restructured over 7 different industries

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