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Our Business Units

At Hapi Metaverse, we're dedicated to supporting a range of businesses through our virtual technology services. Our business units include our holding companies' businesses, Hapi Cafe, Hapi Wealth Builder, Hapi Travel, Hapi Marketplace, Value Exchange, and Hapi membership.

Hapi Cafe is a 4-in-1 concept cafe that combines food and beverage with co-workspace, Hapi Fit, and Hapi Trip. At Hapi Metaverse, we're working to create immersive virtual reality presentations for Hapi Cafe that allow customers to experience each of these elements in a unique and interactive way.

Hapi Wealth Builder is an online wealth builder program that helps individuals build financial independence and achieve their goals. Through our virtual technology services, we're working to create customized virtual presentations for Hapi Wealth Builder that offer a dynamic and engaging way to learn about financial management and investment strategies.

Hapi Travel is an online travel booking platform powered by My Travel Ventures. At Hapi Metaverse, we're excited to offer virtual travel experiences that allow customers to preview destinations and plan their trips in a new and exciting way.

Hapi Marketplace is an e-commerce platform that sells health supplements and impactful products that support members' health. We're working to create virtual reality experiences that allow customers to explore the products in a dynamic and interactive way, helping to enhance the shopping experience and provide valuable product information.

Value Exchange is an IT solutions company that provides businesses with customized solutions to streamline their operations and enhance productivity. We're proud to support Value Exchange through our virtual technology services, helping them to deliver innovative IT solutions that drive success.

Hapi membership is a platform that allows individuals to join any Hapi company member and access exclusive discounts, offers, and rewards. Through our virtual technology services, we're working to create a dynamic and interactive platform for Hapi membership that delivers a unique and engaging experience for members.

At Hapi Metaverse, we're committed to supporting these businesses through our virtual technology services. Whether it's creating custom virtual presentations, offering virtual travel experiences, or enhancing e-commerce platforms, we're dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that help our clients succeed. We believe that virtual technology has the power to transform the way we do business, and we're excited to help our business units take advantage of these new opportunities.

Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates from Hapi Metaverse. We look forward to working with you and helping your business succeed in the virtual world.


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